Chinese food on the wall

Free food for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals at Cote-des-Neiges area.
Inspired by “Coffee on the wall”, we have our own version called “Chinese food on the wall”.
With this program, we encourage people to spread the spirit of caring.
Anybody can buy a plate at Cuisine AuntDai and post it on the wall. Other people can simple take the card and have the meal, the restaurant will provide free steamed rice and soup.
How can you participate?
You can come to the restaurant and tell our waitress you want to participate CFOTW, the waitress will provide you a card, you can fill the plate name, your signature (no real name is needed) or note if you like. Our waitress will sign and have a seal on it. Then this CFOTW card will be tacked to the bulletin board inside the restaurant. Also we will take a picture of the card and post it on the Facebook and restaurant website.
How can you find out if there are some available CFOTW cards?
All the available CFOTW cards will be posted online within the same day.
Who can use the CFOTW card?
It’s designed for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals but we won’t check who is taking these CFOTW cards.
When you see an available CFOTW card on the wall and you can take it to a waitress. You will be asked to sign (again, you don’t need to put down your name). The waitress will sign as well. We will take a picture and post it online to say this card has been used.
If you or your friends work at Jewish general hospital, St. Mary’s hospital or CHU Sainte-Justine hospital, please share this message.

Available CFOTW cards








Accepted CFOTW cards

Finally, we have one card used by somebody from the hospital.
please share the words to your friends.