Why did we call the restaurant “Aunt Dai”? Let this true story unfold…

In 2011, my friend Dai’s parents came to visit from China. One day, they did some cooking at home and invited my wife over to eat. Later that night, when I tried the “bo bing” (thin pancake) which my wife brought back, my heart was melted by the exquisite taste of it. I said to my wife: “this “bo bing” is so delicious!”

The following night, I went to my friend Dai’s house to learn how to make this famous “bo bing” from his mother, which I call Aunt Dai. She was very happy to show me how to make it step by step and this authentic hand-making process deeply touched me. Later, after continuous practice, I could practically make the “bo bing” independently. All my friends really enjoyed the ‘’bo bing’’ I made.

In order to show my respect and to honor Aunt Dai, I registered the domain name www.auntdai.com. I told her, if one day I were to open a Chinese restaurant in Montreal, I would use the name “Aunt Dai”.

Later, I really decided to start this business adventure. I got the approval from Aunt Dai to use her photo. An artist friend of mine drew a sketch based on her photo as the logo of the restaurant and a Chinese calligrapher wrote “Aunt Dai” in Chinese as a part of the logo.

On February 5th, 2014, the restaurant is officially opened. We want our customers to appreciate our service and to truly appreciate Chinese cuisine in Montreal. Aunt Dai is still in China right now; therefore she cannot participate in the daily operation of the restaurant. It is a pity that we cannot provide to our customers her “bo bing”. However, this restaurant was really inspired by her, so we decided that Aunt Dai’s family members could enjoy free food and service at our restaurant forever.

If Aunt Dai comes to visit Montreal next time, we will invite her to the restaurant to demonstrate the “bo bing” making process and lucky friends will have the opportunity to taste Aunt Dai’s handmade “bo bing”.
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