• Chicken with chilies
  • Ju Hua fish
  • Ma-Po Tofu
  • Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs
  • Twice cooked pork
  • Yeung Chow fried rice
  • Yuxiang rousi
Chicken with chilies1 Ju Hua fish2 Ma-Po Tofu3 Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs4 Twice cooked pork5 Yeung Chow fried rice6 Yuxiang rousi7
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at Cote-des-Neiges, Bring your own wine

at Anjou, we sell wine, beer, cocktail, Chinese liquor

latest update

This Saturday(June 5th) at Cuisine AuntDai Anjou, we will have singer Jean-Guy perform live inside the restaurant, you are all welcomed to dance with us.
from 6PM to 9PM, address 6381 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4, 5149036222.

Cuisine AuntDai just opened it’s second restaurant in Anjou.
Address 6381 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4
Tel 5149036222
It features 80 seats inside, a bar table for 7 people, a dance pool and a terrace for 60 people.
We sell alcohol at this location and for sure Tsingtao beers are available.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for 5 days from 26th March to 30th March to renovate.

To celebrate the Chinese new year of rooster, Cuisine AuntDai will provide free JiaoZi and TangYuan to our customers on the new year eve on Jan 27th 2017. To get the free JiaoZi, customers can ask paper and pen from our waitress and draw a rooster (or many of them if you like) on the paper and the waitress or the neighboring customers will rate the drawing on the scale of 1-5 and you can get the same amount of JiaoZi. We have pork dumplings and vegetable dumplings, you can only choose one kind for the free dumplings. To get the free TangYuan, you have to make them by yourself and we will provide ingredients to make the black sesame paste TangYuan. This event will be posted on our Wechat(auntdai), facebook page (search cuisine auntdai) and website www.auntdai.com, please share this message to your friends. Hope you have a great year, Cock-A-Doodle-Doo!

Schedule during holidays at Cuisine AuntDai
We are closed on the Christmas day 25th December and open on other days.
Happy holidays!

We will open 7 days now.

Free food for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals at Cote-des-Neiges area.
Inspired by “Coffee on the wall”, we have our own version called “Chinese food on the wall”.
With this program, we encourage people to spread the spirit of caring.
Anybody can buy a plate at Cuisine AuntDai and post it on the wall. Other people can simple take the card and have the meal, the restaurant will provide free steamed rice and soup.
How can you participate?
You can come to the restaurant and tell our waitress you want to participate CFOTW, the waitress will provide you a card, you can fill the plate name, your signature (no real name is needed) or note if you like. Our waitress will sign and have a seal on it. Then this CFOTW card will be tacked to the bulletin board inside the restaurant. Also we will take a picture of the card and post it on the Facebook and restaurant website.
How can you find out if there are some available CFOTW cards?
All the available CFOTW cards will be posted online within the same day.
Who can use the CFOTW card?
It’s designed for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals but we won’t check who is taking these CFOTW cards.
When you see an available CFOTW card on the wall and you can take it to a waitress. You will be asked to sign (again, you don’t need to put down your name). The waitress will sign as well. We will take a picture and post it online to say this card has been used.
If you or your friends work at Jewish general hospital, St. Mary’s hospital or CHU Sainte-Justine hospital, please share this message.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed on 1st Feb Monday to celebrate it’s second aniversary. We take this chance to thank all of our staff and our customers.

Cuisine AuntDai Holiday Schedule:
Closed on Christmas Day and open on other days.
Happy holidays.
Thank you.

Sunday (Sep 27th 2015) is the Mid-Autumn Festival (AKA Moon Festival). As a Montreal Chinese restaurant we have to celebrate this day with free moon cakes. We have bought 5 boxes of moon cakes to share with our customers. Totally we have 20 moon cakes and each customer will get a half cake if you tell us the passcode “Zhong Qiu Kuai Le”. So the first 40 customers who say the right passcode will get free moon cake to celebrate this very special festival.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on this Monday 24th August 2015.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on this Monday 10th August 2015.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on this Monday 27th July 2015.

This Saturday 25th July, from 12:30PM to 3:00PM, Cuisine AuntDai is reserved completed by a group, please avoid coming during this time. Thank you.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on this Monday 13st July 2015.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on 28st June 2015 (Sunday).

Cuisine AuntDai just released some Youtube videos to explain some real authentic Chinese dishes you may not be familiar with. You can find them on the “online menu” section under specific dish pictures. We are still in the process of shooting video for all the dishes and we are trying to cover all the dishes soon.
you can also see all of them from our Youtube channel playlist.
Cuisine AuntDai English Menu introduction playlist

Cuisine AuntDai was voted number one best Chinese restaurant in Montreal by CTV News, here is the link for the video.

Cuisine AuntDai will be close due to an emergency between this Friday 29th May to Monday 1st June, sorry for the last minute notice.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on this Monday 18th May 2015.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on Sunday 3rd May 2015.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed for a whole day on Sunday 19th April 2015.

We will close this evening(Thursday 9th April) and tomorrow afternoon (Friday 10th April). We will open from 5PM tomorrow (Friday 10th April). Sorry for the inconvenience by this last minute notice.

Change of opening hours.
We have seen a big increase of customers recently after we were voted best Chinese restaurant in Montreal and even with more staff, we still saw longer wait time for our customers and we are running low on our food materials daily. In order to keep and improve the quality we have to shorten the opening hours to make sure we are well prepared. We had to make a last minute decision to close the restaurant for few hours or a day in the past few days. We tried to inform our customers by our Facebook page and website. Some customers who did not see our Facebook page or website still stopped by and could not get in. We did try to contact all the reservations made for the time of closing but some of them did not leave call back. We are really sorry for this inconvenience.
The new schedule will be from 11AM to 3PM and from 5PM to 10PM every day. If we change the hours we will communicate through our website and Facebook page.
For reservation we recommend our customers to reserve from our website and leave your phone number in case we need to contact for the schedule change.
Our Facebook page link is
Our website page link is
Cuisine Auntdai

Cuisine AuntDai will close on 5th March 2015.
After we were voted the best Chinese restaurant by CTV news Montreal on 29th March, we have seen a lot more customers and we tried our best to keep our customers happy and still some of them waited too long for their meals are brought to them. We would like say sorry to them. We used out almost all our ingredients everyday and we have to take a day break this Sunday 5th March.

For this Saturday 4th April, Cuisine AuntDai will only open from 5PM. We are so exhausted both by staff and our food stock. In order to keep the service level, we have to take this break to prepare for the night customers. Also from now on, Cuisine AuntDai will close daily between 3PM and 5PM to leave time for our kitchen to prepare.
For those who reserved during the closing time, we tried to notify you but some of you did not leave call-back number. I am really sorry for this inconvinience. Next time, please use the online reservation on www.auntdai.com and leave your call back number so we can reach you if you have any change. Thanks

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed on 22nd March for the whole day, please visit us on 23rd March.

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed on 3rd March for the whole day, please visit us on 4th March.

This Sunday 22nd Feb 2015, Cuisine AuntDai will be closed to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Please visit us at another time.

Celebrate Chinese New Year! Make Jiaozi or TangYuan by yourself at Cuisine AuntDai.
18th February Wednesday is the Chinese New Year eve, at Cuisine AuntDai, starting 5PM, customers are welcomed to make fresh JiaoZi (dumpling) or TangYuan (rice dumpling). They are the most common food you can find on the tables for most families. We will have flour (or dough), filling and tools ready for you. They are free as long as you make them by yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make them, we will have one coordinator to help you also we will record a video to show you the steps this Sunday 15th Feb and the video will be available on our Facebook page.On the TV, we will show the annual Chinese New Year performance show all day long. Come and join us to celebrate!

Cuisine AuntDai will be closed on 3rd Feb for the whole day, please visit us on 4th Feb.

Promotion at Cuisine AuntDai for January 2015
If you like us you will get a free soup.
Dear customers if you ever liked us on Facebook, you will get a free soup (either hot sour soup or beef shiitake mushroom soup). Our facebook link is on the right corner of restuarant website www.auntdai.com. You simply show our waitress on your own mobile device that you liked our Facebook page. Yes we do have free WIFI here please see the bulletin board for the WIFI password or ask our waitress. One like is for one soup, you can get a free soup everytime you visit us as long as the promotion is still Valid. This promotion is only for eat in.
Valid period: January 2015. We will announce other promotions later.

Cuisine AuntDai will be one year old soon and we welcome you to celebrate this milestone with us on this special day. We offer free food for our loyal customers on Feb 5th 2015 and here are the steps to participate.
From now to Feb 4th 2015, after you have a meal at Cuisine AuntDai, you can ask for a business card from the waitress and write your email address on the back and the waitress will sign and give back the business card. After that, you can register for this event by sending an email to info@auntdai.com and please specify which hour you will arrive and how many people with you, you need to see the confirmation email from us.
On Feb 5th 2015, the customers with confirmation email can show the signed business card to the waitress to get a free meal for maximum of 20 dollars before tax. One signed business card is only for one person. Please be generous to tip on the original price.
Everybody else can have a free soup of either hot sour or beef shiitake mushroom on the birthday.

Cuisine AuntDai schuedule during holidays: Closed on 25th Dec and open on other days! Happy holidays!

From now on, we have Youtube videos to introduce our dishes, please go to “online menu”, click the link to watch the introduction video for each dish. We may not have videos for all the dishes on the menu, we are working on getting all of them recorded. And French version is coming soon. At Cuisine AuntDai, we are always trying to get our customers know our dishes better.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 11th November. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 12th November.

This Saturday 8th November from 4PM for the whole evening, Cuisine AuntDai will be reserved for a private party, please come at another time, thank you.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 4th November. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 5th November.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 20th October. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 21st October.

To celebrate mid-autumn festival,
AD will offer a half moon cake for each of the customers who come after 5PM on THAT day Sept 8th 2014. We have 4 boxes of 4, good for 32 people. Each box has four different flavors for you to choose, please talk to the waitress if you want one until the quantity lasts. So come early.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 25th August. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 26th August.

We just built a terrace in the front and a secret garden at the side, please come to see!

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 28th July 2014. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 29th July.

World Cup Special Promotions!

World Cup promotions-Free soup, Free Coke, Free main dish
To welcome the Brazil world cup and thank our Facebook fans, Cuisine AuntDai will have special promotions for this great event, please refer to the link

special promotions

Happy Mother’s Day! We offer one FREE main dish to all moms coming to Auntdai with their children on Sunday, May 11th!

To thank Auntdai’s Facebook followers, all the dishes will be half priced for the facebook fans from 5PM to 10PM on April 30th 2014 (Wednesday), please see the link for details.

Something about Chinese restaurant

In Montreal you can find a lot of Chinese restaurants but how many of them are serving authentic Chinese food? Some Chinese restaurants serve North American version of Chinese dishes like General Tao Chicken and Orange Beef. If you want to try the “real” authentic Chinese food you need to follow Chinese folks because they are always trying to find good real authentic cuisine.
If you have tried some Chinese food already you can take a step further for some authentic Chinese dishes. Follow us and you will learn how to order and enjoy authentic Chinese food.
Before all, you need to know that having a meal for Chinese people is like having an event and is about sharing a moment with friends and/or family. For example, Chinese people used the time of a meal to have serious talks. For a group of four people, Chinese people would usually order four or five different dishes to share with everybody. Instead of having individual portion, everybody would share the four or five dishes with steam rice, stir fry rice or noodle as a side dish. This way of dining has been in Chinese cuisine traditions for thousands of years.
As utensils, chopsticks and a bowl (of rice) are a must have. Traditionally people would use the same chopsticks to eat their food and pick food from the share dish plate to their own bowl. For hygiene purposes that lifestyle has changed and nowadays, in China, more and more restaurants provide a serving spoon or serving chopsticks per share dish.
In some Chinese provinces especially in the south, people used to drink soup before having the main course. Recently this tradition has spread all over China.
Chinese food takes pride on the perfect cooking of the chef. By theory, the flavor and taste of the dish should be the best coming out of the chef’s skills. So no extra sauce is needed when the food is served. You are not supposed to add sauce; otherwise it is kind of a slight to the chef. Also, if you add your own sauce, the flavor will unbalance and presentation will be ruined.
Since for the same dish, the cooking of different chefs may produce different flavor, we recommend our customers to taste our chef’s cooking mastery without adding sauce.
For generations Chinese people used to drink liquor called Bai Jiu along with their meal. However, since globalization, at Chinese people’s dining table, you will often see wine or beer instead of Bai Jiu. In Montreal, you will barely see any Chinese liquor in SAQ, if you do they will be very expensive. At Cuisine AuntDai you can bring your own wine and beer since we have the license.
For some customers, the ingredients in Chinese dishes are a concern since Chinese cooking uses lots of different spices. The main concerns are spicy dishes, peanut butter, starch, and MSG. At Cuisine AuntDai, we do not use MSG at all. To address all these concerns, Cuisine AuntDai discloses all ingredients used for each dish, as well as their recipe. You will find all the information at the website www.auntdai.com.
Lastly, fortune cookie is an invention of North America! In China, most restaurants do not offer any fortune cookies, so do Cuisine AuntDai. We have full respect for Chinese food and ensure that our customers will enjoy authentic Chinese food and priceless Chinese cuisine tradition.