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welcome to our new restaurant at downtown at 1448 St-Mathieu!

latest update

Look for customers who are willing to share their stories in front of cameras!
owner Feigang Fei is shooting a lot of individual videos to explain every dish on the menu and the videos are posted on the YouTube channel, here is the link.
After I finish the videos of individual dishes and when dine-in is allowed. I would start with this project called “Eat with the owner”, “Eat with me / talk with me”
I am looking for some volunteers:
willing to eat with me in front of a camera
willing to share your stories in front of a camera.

The video will start with we sit down and introduce your self. Then we will order food together and you can order anything on the menu, it will be totally free.
we will discuss the food and most importantly your stories. We can ask each other questions, you can send me your talk points of your stories or we can simply have random talks.

If you like to participate, please contact me and I will put your name on the list and we can arrange time after.

Thank you very much.

latest update

You can order delivery with UberEats with the button below.

During this COVID-19 crisis, we will remain open providing only takeout and dilevery. We have blocked the entrance area for delivery drivers only. You can call us to order and come to pick it up or you can order through UberEats, Skip, DoorDash or Foodora.
For all our delivery or takeout, you can accumulate our membership points so when this crisis is over you can come to our restaurant to enjoy free wine, beer, soup, soft drinks with your points.
Also the membership program is a great way for us to remember you for supporting us. To become our member, please download APP by searching “LoyalZoo digital loyalty”, open the APP and fill your info “First name, last name and email address”, search “Aunt Dai” to find us and “check in”. We will see your name on the top of the list, you can mention your name on the comment area when you place a dilevery order about the membership points or you can send an email to info@auntdai.com to tell us your order ID and we will add your points to our system (dollar amount before tax).
We take extra care to make sure we sanitize our environment. The safety of our staff and customers are our priorities.
Stay safe!

We are open for 7 days a weekend. From 11AM to 3PM, 4PM to 9:00PM, last order to the kitchen is before 9:00PM.

Wow, Cuisine AuntDai was recommended by Global News TV as Valentine weekend restaurant.

Schedule of the holidays 2018:
Christmas day closed
all other days open

The second floor of our downtown location was renovated and named “birch hall”. For the spirit of sharing, we provide the office room, lounge area for free upon reservation. The whole second floor with 70 seats can be used to host some events for free.
Also Club AuntDai is based in the birch hall. Club AuntDai provide a platform for people to meet friends, share ideas and improves their languages and professional skills.
Club AuntDai has three groups, French learning, English learning and experience sharing. if you are interested as a participant or host, please email us info@auntdai.com.
Also, we will start blogging in English on this website under menu “restaurant blogs”. We will provide more details about our restaurants in the blogs.

Mother’s day special at Cuisine AuntDai. Every mom will get a free glass of wine on this Sunday. Downtown 1448 St-Mathieu 5149351067. Please call us to reserve your places. Happy mother’s day, you deserve a really good Chinese meal on this special day!

We just opened a new restaurant in downtown, appologies to our customers at CDN, we could not find an available space good for us at CDN, the new address is 1448 St-Mathieu, when you get of the metro at Concordia, take the exit of Mathieu and you will see it after crossing Mainsonneuve and it’s right across of the fire station. looking forward to seeing you and happy new year! it’s kind of funny, after a fire destroyed our restaurant at CDN, we opened a new restaurant right in front of a fire station, hope this will give people peace of mind, haha.

Unfortunately Cuisine AuntDai at Cote-des-Neiges was burnt down and it will be closed indefinitely.