• Chicken with chilies
  • Ju Hua fish
  • Ma-Po Tofu
  • Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs
  • Twice cooked pork
  • Yeung Chow fried rice
  • Yuxiang rousi
Chicken with chilies1 Ju Hua fish2 Ma-Po Tofu3 Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs4 Twice cooked pork5 Yeung Chow fried rice6 Yuxiang rousi7
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welcome to our new restaurant at downtown at 1448 St-Mathieu!

at Anjou, we sell wine, beer, cocktail, Chinese liquor

latest update

We just opened a new restaurant in downtown, appologies to our customers at CDN, we could not find an available space good for us at CDN, the new address is 1448 St-Mathieu, when you get of the metro at Concordia, take the exit of Mathieu and you will see it after crossing Mainsonneuve and it’s right across of the fire station. looking forward to seeing you and happy new year! it’s kind of funny, after a fire destroyed our restaurant at CDN, we opened a new restaurant right in front of a fire station, hope this will give people peace of mind, haha.

Unfortunately Cuisine AuntDai at Cote-des-Neiges was burnt down and it will be closed indefinitely. Please support us by coming to our Anjou restaurant at 6183 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4 5149036222.

This Saturday(June 5th) at Cuisine AuntDai Anjou, we will have singer Jean-Guy perform live inside the restaurant, you are all welcomed to dance with us.
from 6PM to 9PM, address 6381 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4, 5149036222.

Cuisine AuntDai just opened it’s second restaurant in Anjou.
Address 6381 Roi-Rene, Anjou, H1K3G4
Tel 5149036222
It features 80 seats inside, a bar table for 7 people, a dance pool and a terrace for 60 people.
We sell alcohol at this location and for sure Tsingtao beers are available.