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Free food for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals at Cote-des-Neiges area.
Inspired by “Coffee on the wall”, we have our own version called “Chinese food on the wall”.
With this program, we encourage people to spread the spirit of caring.
Anybody can buy a plate at Cuisine AuntDai and post it on the wall. Other people can simple take the card and have the meal, the restaurant will provide free steamed rice and soup.
How can you participate?
You can come to the restaurant and tell our waitress you want to participate CFOTW, the waitress will provide you a card, you can fill the plate name, your signature (no real name is needed) or note if you like. Our waitress will sign and have a seal on it. Then this CFOTW card will be tacked to the bulletin board inside the restaurant. Also we will take a picture of the card and post it on the Facebook and restaurant website.
How can you find out if there are some available CFOTW cards?
All the available CFOTW cards will be posted online within the same day.
Who can use the CFOTW card?
It’s designed for the patients or the family members of the patients from hospitals but we won’t check who is taking these CFOTW cards.
When you see an available CFOTW card on the wall and you can take it to a waitress. You will be asked to sign (again, you don’t need to put down your name). The waitress will sign as well. We will take a picture and post it online to say this card has been used.
If you or your friends work at Jewish general hospital, St. Mary’s hospital or CHU Sainte-Justine hospital, please share this message.

Cuisine AuntDai was voted number one best Chinese restaurant in Montreal by CTV News, here is the link for the video.

Celebrate Chinese New Year! Make Jiaozi or TangYuan by yourself at Cuisine AuntDai.
18th February Wednesday is the Chinese New Year eve, at Cuisine AuntDai, starting 5PM, customers are welcomed to make fresh JiaoZi (dumpling) or TangYuan (rice dumpling). They are the most common food you can find on the tables for most families. We will have flour (or dough), filling and tools ready for you. They are free as long as you make them by yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to make them, we will have one coordinator to help you also we will record a video to show you the steps this Sunday 15th Feb and the video will be available on our Facebook page.On the TV, we will show the annual Chinese New Year performance show all day long. Come and join us to celebrate!

Promotion at Cuisine AuntDai for January 2015
If you like us you will get a free soup.
Dear customers if you ever liked us on Facebook, you will get a free soup (either hot sour soup or beef shiitake mushroom soup). Our facebook link is on the right corner of restuarant website You simply show our waitress on your own mobile device that you liked our Facebook page. Yes we do have free WIFI here please see the bulletin board for the WIFI password or ask our waitress. One like is for one soup, you can get a free soup everytime you visit us as long as the promotion is still Valid. This promotion is only for eat in.
Valid period: January 2015. We will announce other promotions later.

Cuisine AuntDai will be one year old soon and we welcome you to celebrate this milestone with us on this special day. We offer free food for our loyal customers on Feb 5th 2015 and here are the steps to participate.
From now to Feb 4th 2015, after you have a meal at Cuisine AuntDai, you can ask for a business card from the waitress and write your email address on the back and the waitress will sign and give back the business card. After that, you can register for this event by sending an email to and please specify which hour you will arrive and how many people with you, you need to see the confirmation email from us.
On Feb 5th 2015, the customers with confirmation email can show the signed business card to the waitress to get a free meal for maximum of 20 dollars before tax. One signed business card is only for one person. Please be generous to tip on the original price.
Everybody else can have a free soup of either hot sour or beef shiitake mushroom on the birthday.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 11th November. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 12th Novermber.

This Saturday 8th November from 4PM for the whole evening, Cuisine AuntDai will be reserved for a private party, please come at another time, thank you.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 4th November. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 5th Novermber.

To celebrate mid-autumn festival,
AD will offer a half moon cake for each of the customers who come after 5PM on THAT day Sept 8th 2014. We have 4 boxes of 4, good for 32 people. Each box has four different flavors for you to choose, please talk to the waitress if you want one until the quantity lasts. So come early.

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 25th August. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 26th August.

We just built a terrace in the front and a secret garden at the side, please come to see!

Cuisine Auntdai will close on 28th July 2014. We will take a break for a full day. please come to us 29th July.


World Cup promotions-Free soup, Free Coke, Free main dish
To welcome the Brazil world cup and thank our Facebook fans, Cuisine AuntDai will have special promotions for this great event, please refer to the link

Special promotions

Happy Mother’s Day! We offer one FREE main dish to all moms coming to Auntdai with their children on Sunday, May 11th!

To thank Auntdai’s Facebook followers, all the dishes will be half priced for the facebook fans from 5PM to 10PM on April 30th 2014 (Wednesday), please see the link for details.

Sunday Brunch

Lunch Special

Lunch special 1: (soup + all the rice and noodle dishes) $7.99

Lunch Special 2: (soup + main dish + steamed rice) $8.99

Choices of main dish: General Tao chicken, orange beef, sweet and spicy pork strips, broccoli beef, tofu with minced beef and chili oil

Lunch Special 3: (soup + spring roll + main dish + steamed rice) $9.99

Choices of main dish: General Tao chicken, orange beef

Set Lunch

Soccer Night

The 2014 Brazil World Cup is just around the corner. From June 13 to July 14 2014, the restaurant offers a live show. See the detailed schedule Here

Sports Channel list

TSN 1400
TSN2 1401
SN 1405
RDS 1108
NHL 421
NBATV 1415
Soccer Channel 404
ESPN Classic 409
CBS Sports 413
Score 1410
TVA Sports 1111